The Reading Badge

The Slovenian Reading Badge Society is the NGO heading the Reading Badge movement in terms of professional guidance and organization. The Society implements various programmes that encourage children and young people – as well as adults – to read in their free time.

The mission of the Reading Badge, supported by schools, libraries and similar organizations, is to promote lifelong development of reading culture and reading literacy.

Firstgraders Mentor and Author Andrej Rozman Roza Livada 2 Primary School    Author and President of The Reading Badge Marko Kravos Mentors and Young Readers Slovene Minority in Italy FOTO Petra Potocnik
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Initially a mentoring practice at the Prevalje* primary school, the movement was founded in 1960/61 by Slovenian language professor Stanko Kotnik and author Leopold Suhodolčan. The movement’s initiatives today bring together about 140,000 readers each year. Reading is supported by numerous mentors – librarians, teachers and other experts, as well as authors and publishers; children are also encouraged to read by their families. Some Reading Badge programmes even transcend Slovenian borders to reach Slovenian communities abroad. Due to its significant role in the national culture the Reading Badge is listed by the national Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Gift Books and Firstgraders FOTO Archive     Gift Books and Ninethgraders Golden Readers FOTO Jaka Fefer
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Slovenian Reading Badge Society

Provides guidelines for the selection of reading materials and develops the tools needed for their use.

Shares expert knowledge for the development of modern strategies for encouraging reading.

Informs about the development of reading, writing and literary culture.

Ensures efficient and quick integration of the network of participants and an unimpeded flow of information.

Organizes programmes of specialized education and exchanges.

Coordinates visits of Slovenian authors.

Provides motivational book gifts and works to improve the quality of youth literature.

Prepares motivational materials and certificates.

Develops various pilot programmes and projects for different age groups (e.g. a programme of intergenerational reading).

Collaborates with similar organizations in Slovenia and elsewhere (being one of the initiators of the National Month of Reading Together network; heading the Reading Together promotion programme, etc.).


Mentors and Gift Books FOTO Luka Drakskobler     Svicajanuar08 024
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Slovenian Reading Badge Society is a member of Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth and is internationally active as a member of the Slovenian Section of IBBY and the Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA).


In addition to numerous national awards and prizes, in 2022 the Society received an award for innovative practice in the field of promoting reading culture, awarded every two years by FELA.


Društvo Bralna značka Slovenije – ZPMS
Slovenian Reading Badge Society
Trg prekomorskih brigad 1

SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija


* A small city in the north of Slovenia.

Source: Slovenia Loves Reading Publication (The Slovenian Section of IBBY)

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Photo 1: Firstgraders with Author Andrej Rozman Roza: Livada Primary School (Photo: Reading Badge Archives)
Photo 2: Author and President of The Reading Badge Marko Kravos with Young Readers, Slovene Minority in Italy
(Photo: Reading Badge Archives)
Photo 3: First-graders: Golder Reader Project (Photo: Reading Badge Archives)
Photo 4: Golden Readers: Golden Reader Project (Photo Jaka Fefer)
Photo 5: Mentors and Gift Books (Photo: Jure Drakskobler)
Photo 6: Family Reading in Slovene communities abroad: Schwitzerland (Photo: Reading Badge Archives)